Racing Auto Parts 101

A close race can come down to minor differences between the cars, which is where car performance tuning in Campbell, CA comes into play. The right European auto performance upgrades can give you the edge over the competition and land you in the winner’s circle. You can modify your suspension, your brakes, and the horsepower that your vehicle puts out to get the most speed out of your car. If you are wondering what kind of car performance tuning you can offer your vehicle, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional. Look ahead for a crash course in racing auto parts. racing - updates


When it comes to the suspension of your car, there are a few different upgrades you can make to improve your handling and efficiency during a race. The first and second stages consist of springs, shocks, sway bars, and bushings. The third stage, which revolves around an adjustable suspension, includes aggressive alignment settings and front camber and caster adjustment. There are also European auto performance upgrades that particularly lend themselves to racing, from 3-way adjustable coil-over shocks to camber correcting adjustments. If you want your car to be the best racing vehicle it can be, it is a good idea to talk to your car performance tuning professional about suspension upgrades.


Racing means going as fast as you can, but you need to have an excellent braking system if you want to keep yourself in control and on the road. The typical stages of brake upgrades range from new brake pads and higher temperature brake fluid to a bigger brake kit, which is comprised of Brembo and StopTech multi-piston calipers. It’s also nice to have brake cooling kits when your objective is to race your car.


In terms of horsepower, the first stage of car performance tuning involves tuning your racing car with gains unto 95 horsepower. The second stage deals with the intake system, the catalytic converter, and the FMIC intercooler. The third and final stage includes a turbo upgrade, injectors, and a high flow and pressure fuel pump as part of stage 3 tuning.

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