What Audi Owners Should Know About Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance

When it comes to German auto repair in Campbell, CA, you’ll need to talk to a specialist if you want the best for your car. Your Audi repair professional can help you keep your vehicle in top shape throughout the duration of the year, which can be crucial when you experience inclement weather. European car maintenance extends to the tires on your wheels, the oil in your engine, and the battery that allows it all to work effectively. Read on to learn what Audi owners should know about seasonal vehicle maintenance. audi - maintenance


Different types of tires are best for different conditions, and this becomes particularly important to realize when the seasons change. If you live in a region where you expect to be hit with inclement weather, the right kind of tires can make all the difference in terms of your safety and comfort. Keep in mind that as the temperature drops, the pressure in your tires will drop as well. Keeping your tires properly inflated will give you better control over your car and greater peace of mind. You should also consider switching to winter tires rather than all-year tires when the winter comes around, as they will offer better traction than the alternatives.

Engine Oil

Temperature and viscosity are related, which means that a change in temperature can affect the efficacy of your engine oil. You should have your Audi repair professional check your oil every 5000 miles or so, but you should be extra cautious during the winter. Cold engine oil can become viscous and lose its efficiency, so talk to your German auto repair specialist to find out what type of oil you should be using throughout this part of the year.


Even your battery might function differently when the temperature drops, so you and your European car repair professional should be ready to deal with the changes. Every battery has a different CCA rating. This rating lets you know how effective your battery can be during a 30 second span at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Ask your Audi repair pro if your battery is sufficient.

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