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Transmission Service in Campbell, CA

Who has an extra $4,000 to $8,000 just lying around? If you own a German or European car, you might have that kind of disposable income, but wouldn’t you rather spend it on a luxury vacation instead of replacing your vehicle’s transmission? If you answered “yes,” then pencil in regular transmission service at BTM Motorwerks on your calendar. We’ll keep this integral part of your vehicle running like a champ, and circumvent any minor operational issues before they turn into costly repairs. Call our shop in Campbell, CA, today and get the best possible service for your vehicle.

Transmission service 101

Have you ever wondered what happens when BTM Motorwerks services your transmission? We’re here to provide that answer, because we’re all about transparency. The typical auto transmission service entails:

  • Flushing out the old transmission fluid
  • Removing and cleaning the transmission oil pan
  • Checking old oil and residue in the transmission oil pan for any sign of metal filings or debris
  • Removing and cleaning the filter
  • Checking and adjusting bands and controls, if necessary
  • Refitting the new filter
  • Refitting the transmission oil pan with a new gasket
  • Filling the transmission with new fluid
  • Checking for any residual leaks
  • Road testing the vehicle to ensure the transmission is functioning properly

If, during the course of your transmission service, your auto tech finds anything else amiss with your vehicle, we’ll be sure to notify you about it before starting any repairs.

Don’t learn this lesson the hard way

For many vehicle owners, transmission problems rear their ugly heads when they are least prepared for them, emotionally or financially. German transmissions tend to be more persnickety than their American or Japanese counterparts, which make transmission repairs even more painful for owners of these specialized vehicles. Regular transmission service only takes a few minutes, every few months, and offers the following key benefits:

  • Keeps your transmission properly lubricated
  • Keeps your components from getting clogged up
  • Extends the useful life of your vehicle

Even if your vehicle feels like it’s running fine, trouble could be brewing within your transmission. Stay on the safe side. Call or visit BTM Motorwerks near San Jose, CA.

Find your frequency

Many of our customers ask how often their German or European automobile’s transmission should be serviced. The answer is, it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” affair. With many German transmissions, getting serviced every 100,000 miles is usually sufficient. However, if your vehicle is older, you have a manual transmission, or do a lot of “stop-and-go” driving, we might recommend you come in more frequently to keep your vehicle operating as smoothly as possible. BTM Motorwerks recommends visiting our shop in Campbell, CA, and together, we’ll devise a transmission service schedule that suits your vehicle, personal schedule, and budget the best! We want your service to be as smooth and convenient as possible.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (408) 369-1911.