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If you are seeking a compact and efficient vehicle that is also fun to drive, you may want to consider purchasing a Smart Car. Smart Cars are designed to be perfect for city driving. Still, after so many miles, your Smart Car will require maintenance from a certified European auto mechanic. By taking the time to schedule Smart Car repair in Campbell, you can keep your car running great for all of your adventures on the road. To help you keep your Smart Car in perfect repair, here is a look at the essentials of Smart Car Maintenance.

10,000 Mile Maintenance

Your first major maintenance appointment for your Smart Car will typically occur during the first year of driving. At the 10,000 mile maintenance interval, you will need to have your engine oil and air filter changed by a licensed technician. Additionally, your Smart Car will also need a full inspection after 10,000 miles. Your Smart Car repair expert will take a look at the brake system, hoses, and coolant levels in your vehicle.

20,000 Mile Maintenance

After 20,000 miles of driving, your Smart Car will be ready for its second maintenance appointment. At the 20,000 mile interval, your Smart Car will need to have its maintenance counter reset. In addition, your car key battery and air cleaner element will both need to be replaced. Finally, your mechanic will also inspect your paint for signs of damage. These procedures will help to extend the lifespan of your Smart Car.

50,000 Mile Maintenance

Once you have driven your Smart Car for about five years, you will be ready for your 50,000 mile maintenance procedure. At the 50,000 maintenance appointment, your technician will replace the activated charcoal filter in your air conditioning system. Additionally, your mechanic will also inspect your parking brake function, as well as your tires and wheels. By following these maintenance suggestions, you can enjoy fantastic performance from your Smart Car for every mile that you travel down the road.

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