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Posted on Dec 7, 2017 5:00pm CST

Your brake system is more than just brake pads. Though the pads are the components that will need to be replaced most often, you may eventually need other elements of the system replaced as well. The brake rotors are an essential part of your brakes, because these are the discs that get clamped by the brake pads when you hit the brake pedal. If they have become worn down or warped due to age or neglect, you may need to schedule replacement services at your European auto mechanic in Campbell, CA. Keep reading for a closer look at this vital repair service that will ensure optimal performance and safety of your BMW, Mercedes, or Smart Car.

Signs Your Brake Rotors Are on Their Way Out

A worn out brake rotor will provide an uneven surface when brake calipers apply pressure as you stop and slow your vehicle. As a result, you may feel your car wobbling or pulsating when you slow down or when you drive at higher speeds. You might also notice that your car’s brakes do not feel as responsive, and you have difficulty coming to a complete stop when you need to. If it has been a long time since you’ve replaced your brake pads, chances are, this has done damage to the rotors, and they will need replacement.

Reasons to Schedule Brake Service Right Away

If you ever hear any strange sounds or feel odd sensations coming from your brakes, it is best to schedule repair services right away. Though you may not be able to diagnose brake rotor problems on your own, recognizing the symptoms of a problem will alert you that it’s time to have your brakes checked. A good mechanic will perform a complete inspection of the braking system so that everything in need of replacement gets addressed, including the rotors.

Steps in the Repair Process

After assessing the damage, the mechanic will remove your existing brake rotors and replace them with the right parts for the make and model of your vehicle. If your car does not have factory rotors, however, it may be possible to resurface the rotors instead of replacing them entirely, since upgraded parts may be more durable.