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Car performance tuning can be used to make your vehicle’s existing engine faster, more powerful, and more efficient. In order to harness this power safely, it is a good idea to include brake performance upgrades with your engine tuning service. A shop that specializes in European auto performance upgrades in Campbell will be able to create an enhanced braking system that will pair perfectly with your sports tuned engine. To highlight the advantages of setting up professional brake upgrades, here is a look at what every driver should know about braking performance.

Major Brake Components

The braking system in every vehicle is composed of several key components. These components must be properly adjusted and maintained in order to provide proper stopping power to your car. Some of the most essential braking components in your vehicle include the rotors, calipers, brake pads, and brake lines. When you upgrade your existing brake pads and rotors to performance tuned models, you will be able to ensure that your vehicle is able to stop properly.

Reasons to Upgrade Brake Performance

There are several key reasons why drivers may choose to upgrade their braking systems. When you notice that your car is experiencing braking issues, you will want to bring your vehicle to a certified mechanic. Performance upgrades can address certain braking problems, such as poor stopping power or a fading brake pedal. If you are simply seeking additional power from your current set of brakes, you may want to consider a performance adjustment.

Methods of Improving Braking Power

Braking power is also referred to as brake torque by mechanics and performance tuning shop professionals. During a brake enhancement, your mechanic may use several different methods to improve the power of your braking system. For example, installing larger caliper pistons or bigger braking discs can help your brakes stop more effectively. Along with replacing key components, your mechanic can also boost your brakes by adjusting the brake line pressure in your vehicle.