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Having your performance tuning shop in Campbell, CA upgrade your brakes can be a great idea for the safety of your car as well as its resale value, and there are a few tiers of upgrades that can be performed. Car performance tuning—especially when it comes to brakes—will allow you to make the most of your vehicle. At BTM Motorwerks, we are honored to be your first choice when you’re looking for an upgrade. Keep on reading to find out why BTM Motorwerks’ brake performance upgrades are in the spotlight.

The team at BTM Motorwerks offers brake performance upgrades in 4 different tiers. The first stage of brake performance upgrades that we can provide include pads for street and autocross vehicles as well as high temperature brake fluid. The second stage focuses on performance gas slotted and drill rotors and stainless steel brake lines, while the next stage is comprised of our Big Brake Kit. This includes both Brembo and StopTech multi-piston calipers. If you are all about speed and performance, you might want to go for our topmost performance upgrade option. This includes everything offered in the previous 3 stages as well as brake cooling kits.

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