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A transmission problem is not something that you can get away with ignoring. If you have any suspicion that your transmission might not be in great shape anymore, don’t hesitate to seek smart car repair in Campbell, CA. A failing transmission tends to come with a handful of symptoms, although you might not experience all of them. If you come across leaks, or if you have a problem keeping your vehicle in gear or shifting to the next one, it could be your transmission. Are you wondering if you should consider smart car repair? Read on to see if your transmission might be failing you.


A leak of any kind suggests a problem when it comes to your vehicle, which means that you’ll either need smart car maintenance or smart car repair soon. One particularly problematic kind of leak stems from your transmission. A transmission leak means that you’re losing transmission fluid, and this can be hazardous for a few reasons. The less transmission fluid you have in your vehicle, the more likely it will be to evaporate and fail to lubricate your systems. A leak also means that simply adding more fluid won’t fix the problem. Be sure to see a smart car repair specialist to take care of the problem.

Gears Slipping

The gear system is complex, but its malfunctioning is one of the telltale signs that you need to talk to your smart car repair expert about your transmission. When the transmission starts to fail, you may find that your vehicle has trouble staying in gear. Your tachometer will increase as you press down on the gas, but the acceleration of your car might not be proportional.

Shifting Problems

Similar to gears slipping, you might run into problems when shifting if you have an issue with your transmission. If you’re having trouble shifting into the appropriate gear, there’s a good chance that your transmission is at fault. This type of issue can make driving difficult and uncomfortable in addition to straining your transmission, so seek smart car repair quickly.

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