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The timing belt is a critical component of most engines. When you bring your high mileage Audi in for European car maintenance in Campbell, your technicians may take the time to check out the condition and performance of this part of your car. A failing timing belt is a serious mechanical problem that requires immediate repair services. With parts and labor from a maintenance specialist, you will be able to fix your timing belt issue and keep your luxury car on the road. Here are some common signs that your Audi’s timing belt may be failing:

Strange Engine Noises

During your daily drives, you will become familiar with the typical sounds that your engine makes when it is in operation. If you start to notice that your engine is ticking or clicking while your vehicle is in gear, this may indicate a timing belt issue. As your timing belt starts to wear out, it will no longer synchronize the crankshaft and camshaft correctly. As these parts collide, they can start to create an unusual ticking sound.

Frequently Misfiring Engine

A failing timing belt may also cause your engine to misfire regularly. When your engine misfires, its combustion chamber no longer has the correct mixture of fuel and air. Along with being extremely inconvenient, a misfiring engine can also wreak havoc on the internal components of your Audi. Eventually, misfiring and timing belt problems can cause your engine to fail altogether.

Visible Oil Leaks

While oil leaks can be caused by a variety of different issues, a persistent oil leak is a common sign of a timing belt issue. As this car part wears out, its cover may come loose from the assembly. Engine oil can easily escape from the misplaced cover, causing leaks, lubrication problems, and other mechanical issues. If you are concerned that your Audi may be ready for a timing belt replacement, be sure to schedule an Audi repair appointment in the very near future.

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