Problems and Solutions with Heater Control Valves

Whether you drive an Audi or a Volkswagen, maintaining your car and seeking repairs from a skilled German repair shop are essential for getting the most out of your vehicle and staying safe on the road. If you are experiencing problems with the cooling system of your European car in Campbell, the issue may originate with your heater control valve. This valve is central to the cooling system, and ideally it will last for the life of the car. In some vehicles, however, the heater control valve does wear out and fail to regulate coolant flow into the heater core from the engine. If you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms in your vehicle, a faulty heater control valve may be to blame. In the face of any of these issues, the best course of action will be scheduling repair services right away.

Your car has persistent issues with the cooling system.

Unfortunately, it is not always clear what is wrong with an overheating vehicle, so mechanics will troubleshoot various problems that are common to cooling systems. Visiting a mechanic that does not specialize in servicing European vehicles can increase the chances that repairs won’t address the problem the first time around. The mechanic may fail to look at the heater control valve, so leaks and overheating persist, despite other repairs being made within the cooling system.

You’ve noticed a serious coolant leak.

If you see coolant leaking in small amounts, the problem is most likely a faulty hose or a crack in the radiator. When coolant seems to leak from everywhere, it is more likely an issue of the control valve, since the valve is likely staying closed, allowing coolant to backup throughout the system.

Your car’s heater won’t turn on.

A broken heater control valve may be more obvious in the winter, because it will often prevent the heater from coming on inside your car. If your car refuses to get warm, schedule repair services right away so you can stay safe and comfortable in colder weather.

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