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Your car’s cooling system is responsible for preventing your engine from overheating while you drive. In order to cool down your engine, your cooling system uses a part called a water pump to pump freshly cooled water through the system. If your Audi’s water pump fails, you will need to visit a shop that offers import European car repair & maintenance in Campbell. With assistance from a European car maintenance technician that specializes in Audi repair, you can fix your failing water pump and get your car back on the road. Here is an overview of three common signs that your Audi’s water pump may be failing.

Coolant Leaks

In order to identify a water pump that is failing, you may need to check your car for signs of coolant leaks. Since your car may use water or radiator fluid for cooling, you will want to inspect for both types of liquids. When your water pump is failing, you may find a puddle of water underneath the front and center of your car’s engine.

Whining Sounds

Your water pump may start to make unpleasant sounds when it is no longer functioning properly. If the pulley system that powers the water pump gets loose, it may start to make a high pitched whining sound when your car is in motion. In the event that you start to hear strange whining noises coming from your car’s cooling system, this could indicate that your car is in need of a water pump replacement.

Overheating Engine

An overheating engine could also point to a failing water pump in your Audi. When your water pump fails, it will no longer be able to cool your engine properly. Once your water pump stops working altogether, you may find that your car’s engine overheats to the point that your vehicle is no longer able to drive. Fortunately, a European car mechanic will be able to replace your water pump and restore your Audi to peak driving condition.

Man Pouring Oil in Engine