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Some vehicles use more oil than others, but you should have some idea of how much yours requires. You should also be able to tell when a problem occurs that forces your car to start using more and more oil so that you can seek timely European car repair in Campbell, CA. Excessive oil use might have to do with problems that bring down your car’s efficiency, an inconsistent European car maintenance schedule, or even the age of your ride. Feel free to read on if you are interested in understanding excessive oil use.

Problems with Efficiency

Although some may claim that it is, the overconsumption of oil is not normal. At a certain point it might be understandable for your car to start burning small amounts of oil, but the excessive use of oil is a completely different story. If your car seems to be using more and more oil, it unfortunately may be due to worn or damaged internal engine components. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s performance and if you notice that it’s burning oil, take it to your European car repair shop of choice. While changing your oil is normal, only certain circumstances should lead to your vehicle actually burning oil.

Sticking to Your Schedule

An oil change is a perfect example of standard car maintenance that everyone should perform from time to time. However, you might find yourself adding a little extra oil to your tank a few times in between your scheduled oil changes. If this is the case, it’s wise to see your European car repair shop soon. Sticking to your schedule will help you recognize excessive oil use quickly and give you time to talk to your mechanic before a bigger problem develops.

Aging Vehicles

The older your car is, the more likely it is that you will deal with oil troubles. If your aging car isn’t consuming your oil, it could be leaking it. Older cars deserve a little bit of extra attention from your European auto mechanic, as the necessity for extra oil could be related to other areas where the vehicle is lacking.

Pouring Oil in Car