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Your car’s radiator is responsible for regulating the temperature of its engine and other internal systems. If your radiator becomes clogged or broken, you could be in danger of experiencing significant mechanical issues. Fortunately, the team at your import European car repair and maintenance shop in Campbell can provide you with BMW repair or Audi repair services that will restore the function of your radiator system. To help you identify when it is time to visit the mechanic, here is a look at the top signs that your radiator is clogged. They are:

  1. Overheating Engine
  2. Strange Fluid Discoloration
  3. Visual Dirt or Debris

Most Common Symptoms of a Clogged Radiator

Overheating Engine

One of the top signs that your radiator is clogged is an engine that overheats frequently. When your radiator is operating effectively, it will be able to deliver a steady flow of coolant into your car’s engine and other internal systems. If you have started to notice that your thermostat is always reading at a high temperature, this could indicate that your radiator has a clog somewhere in its system. Neglecting to address the clog could lead to catastrophic failure in your car’s engine.

Strange Fluid Discoloration

A clogged radiator can also cause discoloration in your radiator’s fluid. When your coolant is being pumped correctly throughout your radiator, it will have a bright yellow, red, or green color. Radiator clogs can cause your fluid to develop high amounts of sludge, which can lead to more clogging and performance issues. If a coolant flush does not restore the appearance of your coolant, you may need to visit the mechanic.

Visual Dirt or Debris

To diagnose a radiator clog in your vehicle, your mechanic may simply need to visually inspect its appearance. When a radiator is severely clogged, it may have visible signs of road debris or other foreign objects that are blocking its systems. Once your mechanic has identified the type and location of the clog, he will be able to repair the issue. If removing the clog does not restore functionality to your radiator, more intensive repairs may be required.

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