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As the days start to get colder, it’s impossible to deny that fall is on its way. In order to protect your car during the fall and winter seasons, it is essential to take the time to schedule basic maintenance procedures for your vehicle. A shop that offers European car repair and Smart Car maintenance in Campbell can help you to get your car ready for cooler temperatures and harsh road conditions. To help you make sure that your car is prepared for the upcoming season, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about fall vehicle maintenance.

How do I keep my engine performing to its best?

When cold temperatures arrive during the fall season, you may start to notice that your car’s engine is less efficient or powerful than usual. To keep your engine running well throughout the fall and winter months, take the time to replace your air filter and oil filter regularly. Serious performance problems should be immediately addressed by a qualified engine mechanic.

How do chilly temperatures affect my vehicle?

Cool fall weather conditions can have a significant impact on many of your vehicle’s internal systems. If your coolant system is not filled with antifreeze, your car’s engine could be at risk of freezing up during the fall. Other systems that can be compromised by cool temperatures include your battery, tires, and defroster. Taking the time to have these systems inspected will help you to avoid mechanical problems during the fall.

What can I do to stay safe on slippery roads?

Preventative vehicle maintenance can help to ensure your safety when you are driving in very wet or icy conditions. When you bring your car in for a seasonal tune-up, ask your mechanic to take a close look at your tires. Tires that are not properly inflated or that have excessively worn out treads will not be able to properly support your vehicle as it is traveling down the road. Taking care of your tires will help to keep your vehicle safe all season long.

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